To read peoples' experiences and explore what they feel they have gained from their counselling sessions at Brighter Days please see below. 
All testimonials are published with the consent of the client. 
  1. Lady with her head in her hands
    “I feel more in control of my feelings and have a more positive outlook. I have become more organised to help achieve this mindset” ​“Counselling has given me the attitude to stay calm and think about situations, organise what I need to do and give me the drive to carry them through”​
  2. Youth writing on a note pad
    Children & Young People
    “Counselling has allowed me to say hello to new beginnings and say goodbye to a nightmar​e life.” “Since having counselling sessions I have been less anxious. I have learnt new coping techniques to help with my anxiety in school." “Counselling has been very good and helped me a lot. I have been a lot happier because I can talk to someone about things.”